One of the biggest mistakes we see is the "too small rug".
Today we are going to walk you through how to pick the right size and layout for your space!



1.  Always go bigger than you think. A rug should fill your space pretty solidly. Most living rooms and dining rooms can handle 200x250cm or larger depending on the layout

2.  Make sure your rug is at least 20cm wider than your sofa or bed on both sides

3.  If you are after several rugs, be sure that the colour, texture and styles of those rugs match

4.  Make sure the rug suits your space - it has to be able to mesh well with your existing decor. To achieve this sort of harmony, consider the colour and style of your space.

5.  Feel free to use patterns to add some spice to your home! Simple and clean patterns work extremely well with rooms that lack colours or decorations 

6.  ALWAYS measure your space before buying

7.  Be creative! 


Seem like a lot to consider?

Well, it is, but it’s worth it. 
Choosing a rug is fun and exciting - we hope we made your decision a bit easier!